Slide-Lok Tech Cabinet Series

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Slide-Lok Tech Cabinets

The Slide-Lok Tech Series brings a modern, streamlined look to your garage. The Tech Series line features a stunning two-tone thermofused finish. The Tech Series features dovetail construction out of plywood (not particle board) and options such as adjustable shelves or extruded aluminum handles. New options are available such as a heavy duty metal storage chest and new flooring colors.

Everything Has Its Place...
Optional drawers and drawer banks as well as the all new Metal Storage Chest provide additional ways to customize your garage. Matching Slat-Wall and accessories provide additional storage space while enhancing the overall look. With so many options and configurations, you will be able to create a place for everything in your garage.


6' Tech Series Work Station

6 x 6 foot system that provides space for hobbies or crafts anywhere in your home.

Dimensions as Configured: 6' wide by 6' tall

8 ft Storage Unit

8' Tech Series Storage Unit

8 x 6 foot Storage Unit. For your garage, basement, or just about anywhere you run short on storage space.

Dimensions as Configured: 8' wide by 6' tall
Depth: 16" or 24" - Your Choice!

6' Tech Series Storage System

6 x 8 foot Storage System. Provides storage for items from lawn tools to golf clubs, making this system work great in a tight space.

Dimensions as Configured: 6' wide by 8' tall
Depth: 16" or 24" - Your Choice!

10' Tech Series Hobby Bench

10 x 6 foot Hobby Bench. Be it crafts, hobbies, or scrap booking, this system will serve your needs.

Dimensions as Configured: 10' wide by 6' tall

14' Tech Series Work Bench

14 x 6 foot Work Bench. Provides lots of storage and workspace for all your needs.

Dimensions as Configured:
14' wide by 6' tall

12' Tech Series Storage Wall

12 x 8 foot system. This system can be placed anywhere in the garage or on your side wall and will not interfere with the garage door rail.

Dimensions as Configured: 12' wide by 6' tall
Depth: 16" or 24" - Your Choice!

16' Tech Series Storage Wall

16 x 10 high Wall Storage.
Provides lots of storage for seasonal items.

Dimensions as Configured: 16' wide by 10' tall
Depth: 24"

9' Tech Series Work Station

9 foot wide x 6 foot high system providing ample storage space for a variety of needs.

Dimensions as Configured: 9' wide by 6' tall

10' Tech Series Work Station

10 foot wide x 6 foot high system providing efficient storage space for all of your household needs.

Dimensions as Configured: 10' wide by 6' tall




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